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Truss Challenge

About the competition

The Truss Challenge competition at Mindsparks-23 is an exciting and engaging event that is sure to captivate engineering enthusiasts and problem solvers. Participants will be tasked with designing and building a truss structure that can withstand a certain amount of load without collapsing. The challenge will test the participants’ skills in structural analysis, design optimization, and teamwork. The team that successfully builds the strongest truss structure within the given time frame will emerge as the winner of this highly anticipated competition.

Eligible Participant Education Levels for the Competition:

– The competition is open to all students of College and undergraduate university students.
-Participants can participate as a team of maximum 3 members.- Cross-institution teams are allowed.
– A person will not be allowed to register for two different teams

Event Coordinators

Manisha Barua

Sub Executive | AUSTIDC


Amimul Polock

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Dibakor Aich

Sub Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Ahoshan Azmine Protic

Sub Executive | AUSTIDC