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Robo Soccer

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About the competition

The Soccer Bot competition at Mindsparks-23 is a thrilling and exciting segment that is sure to delight robot enthusiasts and soccer fans alike. The competition will feature teams of students who have designed and built their own autonomous soccer-playing robots. The robots will be put to the test in a fast-paced soccer match, where they will compete against each other to score the most goals and win the game.

  • A match will be held between the two teams
  • Match Duration:
    Full time – 4 Minutes.
    Half-time break – 1 Minute.
  • The team can only touch the bot during break time.
  • The opponent team will be selected by lottery.
  • The team must follow all the rules and regulations of the rulebook.

Eligible Participant Education Levels for the Competition:

– The competition is open to all students of College and undergraduate university students.
– Participants must participate as a team of not more than 04 members. Solo members will also be counted as a team.
– If any team has more than 4, additional money has to be paid.
– Cross-institution teams are allowed.
– A person will not be allowed to register for two different teams.
– Each of the teams must have its own soccer bot and controller. Two different teams will not be allowed to play with the same soccer bot. If used,
   the team will be disqualified immediately.

Event Coordinators


Executive Member | AUSTIDC



Sub-Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Ashraf Shuvo

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC


Miraj Hossain

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC


Swath Shahin Mahmud​

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC