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Line Follower Robot (LFR)

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About the competition

Line-following robot competitions feature custom-built robots navigating a designated path using sensors and control systems. Participants showcase technical skills, innovation, and problem-solving. Judges evaluate the speed of the robot and total time performance.


Eligible Participant Education Levels for the Competition:

  • The competition is open to all students of College and undergraduate university students.
  • Participants must participate as a team of not more than 03 members. Solo members will also be counted as a team.
  • If any team has more than 3, additional money(tk400) has to be paid.
  • Cross-institution teams are allowed.
  • A person will not be allowed to register for two different teams.

In addition to the details provided in the specifications, if you have any other questions about the competition, you need to join the relevant email group through the LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT GROUP link. By being a member of the mailing group, you can ask your questions and the answers will be visible to other group members. This allows for clear communication and sharing of information among participants.

Event Coordinators

A N M Al Mohi

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Mrinmoy Joy

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Swath Shahin Mahmud

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC


MD Tanjir Rahman

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC