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About the competition

The competition aims to improve the quality of Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Bangladesh, raise awareness of this field in society, and help Secondary School, College, and University students become entrepreneurial-minded and competitive individuals who can transform the knowledge they attain during their education to skills, develop products and think in scientific terms.

The competition covers all projects that include prototypes, software, games, educational simulations, and innovative technologies; technological solutions for agriculture, and solving challenges related to IoT in Bangladesh’s industry. Including using IoT in the readymade garments industry, fisheries industry, and livestock breeding. In doing so, participants can use new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain. All projects submitted under the topics below or others that provide any solutions for the country by way of using the above technology will be eligible for consideration.

  • Industrial Robot Arm
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Mini Drone)
  • Mini Sumo
  • Egg Collecting Robot
  • Maze-Solving Robot                          
  • Underwater Vehicle (ROV)                     
  • Mini Autonomous Vehicle 
  • Smart Technologies in Agriculture
  • Plant health protection technologies
  • Greenhouse Automation Systems
  • Other Agricultural Technologies
  • Manually Controlled or Autonomous Guided Robot

    (It can be used in factory internal logistics or in warehouses, moving on assigned roads and carrying certain loads from point to point.)

  • Educational Software/Games/Simulations and Innovative Technologies

    (The participants are required to create solutions that can be used by students in both online and offline learning platforms. It is essential to ensure that the solutions are efficient in enhancing the learning process. These solutions can either be computer-based or designed for mobile devices.)

To join the competition, contestants should register from May **th to May **th, 2023, as a team of two to four members, with a team leader completing the registration process. After registration, they will be invited to an online meeting to learn about the competition’s guide, primary design report submission process, and the selection process.

Only the selected teams can participate in the main competition, where they will have five minutes to present their problem and solution in front of the judges.  The competition is an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase their technical expertise and contribute to the advancement of technology in Bangladesh.


In addition to the details provided in the specifications, if you have any other questions about the competition, you need to join the relevant email group through the PROJECT SHOWCASING GROUP link. By being a member of the mailing group, you can ask your questions and the answers will be visible to other group members. This allows for clear communication and sharing of information among participants.

Event Coordinators

A N M AL Mohi

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Mrinmoy Joy

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Ashraf Shuvo

Sub Executive | AUSTIDC


Miraj Hossain

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC