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Mindsparks 2023

Experience the power of ideas and technology at Mindsparks – 2023
The event of the year!

29-30 July | Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka


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About us


Aust Innovation and Design Club was formed in Spring 2017 to brew all the innovative ideas in innovative minds. It is the first technological club in Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology and one of the prominent clubs of the country. AUST IDC is a club for the students to show their innovative ideas and enhance technological skills. The club acts as the bridge between different students of different backgrounds. This club brings all departments of AUST as one to make our university more successful in every aspect.

About us


Mindsparks is the signature event of AUST Innovation and Design Club. Mindspark began its journey with a single goal of unifying the young minds of the country from diverse engineering and business departments under one roof. It is a national event that is organized in association with IIT, Roorkee, India. This is the biggest competition organized in AUST comprising segments from both the Engineering Departments and also the School of Business. After the international collaboration made between AUSTIDC and IIT, Roorkee of India, the winners of some segments get the chance to participate in Cognizance, a signature event of IIT with all expenses born by the organizers. Three versions of this event, in 2019, 2020, and 2022 have already been organized with the hope for more in the future.

More than 10 Events


Test out your civil engineering skills by building bridges using nothing else than popsicles and glue.


Turn your imagination into reality by designing structures in 3D using Solidworks from 2D sketches.

Soccer Bot

Ready to score goals with your bot? Then register asap and see you in the arena!

Business Case

Test out your critical thinking and presentation skills in this challenging segment where teamwork is crucial!

Gaming Segment

Looking to showcase your creativity in gaming Segments? Join the Gaming Segment and grab the opportunity to win exciting prizes! Register now.

AD Maker

Looking to showcase your creativity in ad making? Join the Ads Maker competition and grab the opportunity to win exciting prizes! Register now.

Project Showcasing

You have an interesting project? Then our platform welcomes you to showcase your talents and skills through your project.


As fun it is in building robots, the more is in racing with them! Gear up and bring your robots to the arena and enjoy this exciting segment.

VLSI Hackathon

Gear up for the ultimate VLSI challenge! Register now to showcase your skills and compete with the best. See you at the Hackathon!

10+ Segments

Why should you attend Mindsparks?

Attending Mindsparks will provide you with a platform to showcase your skills, gain knowledge from experts and connect with like-minded individuals in the field of technology.

More than 1200+ Competitors

Participating in Mindsparks with over 1200 competitors can provide an excellent opportunity to network, showcase skills, learn from others, and gain recognition.

Industry Experts will be there

Opportunity to showcase your skills and talent to industry professionals.

A glimpse of Mindsparks-22

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Building bridges with popsicles to a robot following black and white lines with infrared sensors, MindSparks’20 had it all. One of the most diverse multi-departmental competitions in the history of tech and business events in Bangladesh. With over a thousand participants across the country, Mindsparks saw the beauty of technology unravel alongside business data charts. Come along with us, as we have a glimpse of the first international event organized by AUST Innovation and Design Club.

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