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About the competition

Through this RoboTeaser segment, you will be provided an electrifying experience unlike any other by fusing the thrill of a conventional quiz competition with the genius of robotics. Teams of bright young minds will have refinement of their problem-solving, robotics, and programming talents which will be brought together through the Buzzer Quiz System. Teams will face off against one another in a test of wits and reflexes as the event progresses. These talented people will compete in a series of mind-boggling challenges that will test their knowledge across a wide range of subjects while armed with their robotic creations. Every aspect of human knowledge—from mathematics and robotic science.


Rules and Regulation:

Total Rounds of Team Selection:
1) Google Form MCQ Quiz Round (Preliminary Round: 01)
2) “The Golden 16” round with selected 16 teams(Round: 02)
3) “Buzzer Strike – 01” round with 8 teams (Round: 03)
4) “Buzzer Strike – 02” round with 4 teams (Round: 04)
5) “Final Round” with 2 teams (Round: 05)

Registration and Eligibility for MCQ Quiz Round (Preliminary Round: 01):

● Registration fee: Per team 500 BDT.
● Each team will consist of Minimum 2 & Maximum 3 participants
● This competition will be applicable only to school and college students
● Participants from school (From classes 5 – 10) & college (From classes 11 – 12) can only
● Different students from different institutions cannot form a team.
● Team can be formed by any students from different classes and stages of the same


“The Golden 16” Selection Round :

The competition will be basically a Buzzer Quiz Competition.
● At first, 16 teams will be selected through the MCQ quiz via Google Forms.
● After the MCQ exam, the selected 16 teams will be promoted to the “The Golden 16” buzzer Round.
● Through these buzzer rounds “Buzzer Strike – 01”, “Buzzer Strike – 02” and “Final Round” will be held and the winners will be selected.
● Only the champion and runners-up will get the prize.


Question type for MCQ round (Round: 01):
● It will be a preliminary test round.
● It can be online, offline, or hybrid (Will be informed by mail later)
● Quiz questions will be MCQ based.
● Will be given total of 50 questions
● Time: 1 hour
● Full marks: 50
● Must be performed team-based.
● Only 1 person will answer via Google form by discussing with his/her team.
● No negative marking is included.
● Per question consists of 1 mark.
● Answers can be multiple (1 or more). For that, each answer must be marked. (The question mark will be given side by side)
● 16 teams will be selected for “The Golden 16” round according to their answer and timing.


“Buzzer Strike – 01”, “Buzzer Strike – 02” rounds (Round: 02 & Round: 03)
● It will be a round of buzzer press and answer.
● “The Golden 16” teams will only participate in “Buzzer Strike – 01” round.
● It is a face-to-face battle quiz between 2 teams.
● Teams who will face the opponents will be decided by a Lottery.
● The Winner team will be promoted to the next battle round.
● The team who will lose, will be eliminated from the competition.


“Buzzer Strike – 01” & “Buzzer Strike – 02” rounds rules (Round: 02 & Round: 03):
  ● 10 questions will be asked to each team (2 opponent teams)
  ● Any team can answer the question by pressing the buzzer. The team who will press the buzzer first will only be given to answer.
  ● The Host will first ask both teams a question, which will be simultaneously projected onto the screen.

  ● As soon as the host starts asking questions, team buzzers of both teams will be enabled.
  ● After finishing the question, the host will start giving 4 options. (Also, will be projected on a screen).

  ● If any team presses the buzzer while the host is asking a question, the host will stop asking right there and the team will have to answer immediately. There will be no option to be shown on screen.


Time management of “Buzzer Strike – 01” & “Buzzer Strike – 02” rounds rules (Round: 02 & Round: 03):
● After pressing the buzzer, a team will get 5 seconds to answer the question.
● If that team fails to answer the question within 5 secs, the answer will be considered
wrong for that team.
● If no team presses the buzzer to hear the full question from the host, the host will
wait at most 20 seconds.
● If no team still doesn’t press the buzzer after 20 seconds, the host will move on to the
next question.

Note: If any team presses the buzzer and gives the wrong answer, then the other team will get an opportunity to answer correctly. To counter the answer, they have to press the buzzer within 10 sec. and have to answer correctly. If the opposing team doesn’t press the buzzer, the host will move on to the next question. If the opponent team presses the buzzer but can’t answer within 5 sec. the answer will be considered wrong for that team also.

Marking System:
● For each question: Right answer = 10 marks; Wrong answer = -5 marks.
● After finishing 10 questions, the total mark of the team will be reviewed.
● By the review of marking of the current round, the winning team will get promoted to the next “Buzzer Strike” round.

● If 2 both teams score the same, they will go for the tiebreaker round. After that, the winning team will be selected.
● In this round, the host will ask only 1 question.
● Which team will press the buzzer first and answer correctly, will be the winner.
● If any team answers wrong after pressing the buzzer, the other opponent team will be the winner.
● If no team presses the buzzer, the host will go for another question and the tiebreaker will continue until the winner is decided.

Final Round Rules:
● The rules are the same as the “Buzzer Strike – 01” & “Buzzer Strike – 02” rounds. But there will be a plot twist.
● After the host asks the question, if any team presses the buzzer first and answers the question, the host will not declare the correct answer immediately, instead, the opponent team will get a chance to challenge the answer of the first team by pressing the buzzer.
● The opponent team will have to choose the other 3 options but the option the 1st team answered.
● If the opponent team challenges and answers correctly they will get +20 points for that question.
● If the opponent team challenges but gives the wrong answer, they will get -10 marks.

Judging Criteria:
● The Host, who will ask teams questions, will be the judge for this competition.
● Judge’s decision will be final and cannot be appealed
● Judge will review the results on the projection screen.

Code of Conduct:
● Participants must adhere to the event’s code of conduct, which prohibits any form of discrimination or unethical behavior.

● Teams may be disqualified if they fail to comply with the rules and regulations stated in the rulebook or exhibit any unsportsmanlike conduct.
● The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participants/team found in violation of the rules.

Event Coordinators

Abir Hossain Nishan

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Syed Ahnaf Tahmid

Executive Member | AUSTIDC


Puja Das Gupta

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC


Rahul Mallick

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC


Rajemul Islam Jehan

Sub-Executive | AUSTIDC